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Our breakthrough patent-pending innovation “reconstruction through replicating the DNA of human hair” New studies in hair DNA research: A few years ago, all human genes have been identified and classified – also hair DNA
  • Hair keratins have been studied and understood: Out of the 30 polypeptide chains, the ones containing the peptides beginning and/or ending with Cysteine or Arginine are responsible for hair its strength
  • When hair gets damaged, it is also these peptides (beginning and/or ending with Cysteine or Arginine) that get depleted the most resulting in weak, brittle hair

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Our breakthrough patent-pending innovation Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex™: The technology of the future – a new generation in reconstruction
  • This is lab-perfected to mimic the exact peptides needed to optimally repair and protect the most damaged parts of the hair
  • Each peptide has active positively-charged amino acid Cysteine or Arginine at the end or beginning
  • These targeted peptides are so perfect, they can penetrate deep into the hair and anchor to the most damaged sites by creating a “molecular band-aid” to give ultimate reconstruction and strength that last for 25+ shampoos, preventing future damage
  • It is globally compliant, patent-pending and uniquely different to anything else on the market with patent protection for 20 years
CONCLUSION: Ultimate reconstruction can only be guaranteed with the knowledge that the focus needs to be on the reproduction of the peptides beginning and/or ending with Arginine or Cysteine as they are most depleted.
DID YOU KNOW THAT? Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex™ provides the most ultimate and effective, long-term, targeted reconstruction ever imagined.

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