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Max Höhn interview – winter hair tips!

Max Höhn interview – winter hair tips!

Max Höhn is a celebrity hairdresser and JOICO brand ambassador from Berlin, Germany. We asked him for tips on how to best care for your hair during the cold winter months.

Dry heating air inside, cold air outside and itchy hats – winter really does take its toll on your hair. What special care should I be giving my hair in the winter?
It is important to take special care of your hair in winter, with conditioners and moisture in particular. Moisturising shampoos, conditioner and treatments are a must if your hair doesn’t want to suffer over the cold months. I would like to warmly recommend a particular tip to all sauna lovers: Please don’t have any more sauna sessions without treating your hair first. In other words: before your sauna session, wash your hair, then apply the treatment (for medium-length hair, a quantity of around 3-4 peas is sufficient) and very importantly: comb the treatment into your hair. A Finnish sauna in particular will dry out your hair and scalp considerably. After your sauna session, simply rinse the treatment out of your hair. This applies to everyone – both men and women. I always recommend JOICO’s K-Pak Revitaluxe hair treatment, because it is the only brand I work with in my salon.

Even the scalp usually dries out in winter. How can I prevent this?
Apply hot oil to your scalp using a pipette, making sure that the oil is clear. Olive oil causes a slight green tinge in blonde hair, for example.

What should I watch out for when styling my hair?
When styling your hair in winter using Glätteisen & Co. hair straighteners, the heat protection setting should be turned right up, just like at other times of the year. A good idea is to use styling irons with an integrated hair treatment function, such as the JOICO Styler, too, for example. Otherwise, in winter in particular, please make sure that the styling products you use also possess added care ingredients. Many modern styling products provide these additional benefits nowadays. A hairspray that doesn’t just keep your hairstyle in shape, but also nourishes with amino acids, anti-oxidants and moisturisers, makes sure that your hair shines and doesn’t dry out. (K-Pak Hair Spray from JOICO)

Can you tell us your absolute favourite product for looking after your hair in winter?
My favourite product, as well as what I like to recommend to my customers in the winter, is the JOICO Humidity Blocker – a spray that protects your hair against frizz and doesn’t allow any air humidity into your hair whatsoever. For men, I like to recommend JOICO’s Matte Grip in winter – a textured styling cream that both protects against air humidity and is suitable when wearing hats: After taking off his hat, a man can easily reshape his hair with just a few movements of the hand.

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