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Silhouette Collection by Vivienne Mackinder

Silhouette Collection by Vivienne Mackinder

Shades of glamorous hair tailor-made for any special occasion by Vivienne Mackinder

Elegantly sultry, exquisitely chic, playfully sophisticated, and sexy – all things a modern updo should be. Introducing “Silhouette,” an exquisite new collection from JOICO, created by Vivienne Mackinder, JOICO Guest Artistic Director. In this special occasion and holiday series, different shades of modern glamour are presented, giving long- and short-hair options for a striking look during the season of celebration, no matter the hair length. Be it a holiday soirée or a red-carpet gala JOICO – the first name in healthy hair – presents the perfect hairstyle “Silhouette.”

Lucette – Look #1
Party Royale

Command attention when you walk into the room with this ultra-feminine updo that inspires old Hollywood glamour. A Marilyn-esque look that’s a timeless and gorgeous style with tons of volume and waves. This look requires dividing the hair into two areas, using a flat wrap technique for larger curls in the back and all around using a combo of Hair Shake and Power Spray (only curling from roots to mids) while a section at the hairline is styled with smaller curls.
Vivienne’s tips: Directionally blowdry the hair to erase any separation in the hair so it looks like one seamless look. “One of my favorite tricks is to use a flat iron to add definition to the waves”, Vivienne says. Pin the curls in place using a sewing pin technique using a chignon pin, not a bobby pin, and lock them in by bending the ends.

Cameron – Look #1
After Party

This half-up half down hairstyle is great for anyone with a pear-shaped face, which is one of the most common face shapes. It gives more volume on top, while the hair on the sides lengthens the face, so it creates the illusion of an oval face shape. A light teasing technique called “French Lace,” which allows the hair to appear smooth while still adding volume, and a “flat wrap” technique on the ends, were used to accomplish this look, along with Hair Shake for textured “piecey” ends.
Vivienne’s tip: Power Spray is the perfect tool to keep your hair healthy when you’re heat styling thanks to AquaLastik, an antioxidant and polymer blend that protects the hair.

Cameron – Look #2
Sparkling Soirée

Go from long-hair to glam hair with a faux bob that flirts with a short-haired look – but only until the party is over. Use a “push-pull” method for styling this posh “do”, that will hold all night long with this technique and the tight setting spray like Flip Turn.

Marina – Look #1
Festive Fête

Be bold and try this “twist” on a classic: a deconstructed French twist with a modern ponytail. This look is perfect for people with a bold personality. Bold looks call for bold measures so the hair needs to be prepped with JoiWhip to help protect and add moisture while styling this daring look that starts in a mohawk. The “twist” comes at the end when you literally twist and pin using a “locking method.”
Vivienne’s tip: To build and hold the height you need to use Power Spray, which will also protect against humidity and heat styling, while increasing shine.

Marina – Look #2
Winterland Bash

For persons being blessed with heaps of gorgeous hair this look is excellent to style the hair with style. Tie a rope braid to keep the hair off the face, but at the same time give it tons of texture.




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